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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dan Cameron by Jon Malinowski!

Chosen model Dan Cameron photographed by Jon Malinowski!

John Kenney By Joseph Lally!

John Kenney photographed by Joseph Lally!

Flash 75th Anniversary Themed Covers For January At DC!

In 2015 DC Comics marks the 75th anniversary of the debut of the original Flash, Jay Garrick! To commemorate many January titles are receiving Flash variants involving the current Flash (Barry Allen) running through key moments in DC history involving the title's star(s). The "messing with" continuity by Barry has led to speculation that these herald a similar upheaval to the DCU  as occurred when Flash similarly caused the New 52 during Flashpoint (above). As usual, some are better than others (MMV), but here are my picks for the best, along with the original versions: First up, Teen Titans #38, by Michael Allred:
and the original, by I think Nick Cardy:
Batgirl #38 by Aaron Lopestri:
and the original by Carmine Infantino:
The Green Lantern Corps #38 by Bill Sienkiewicz:
and the original debut of John Stewart by Neal Adams:

 What's especially fun about the GLs is that, though Sienkiewicz has long since developed his own quirky style, his early work was a spot on homage to Adams! Check out his Moon Knight series for Marvel! here's Catwoman #38 by Ty Templeton:

and the original (usually attributed to Bob Kane) :

Strangely, the Earth 2 title where Jay Garrick regularly appears, has no variant for the month, and features Green Lantern on the cover. (Source: Comic Book Resources)

Samuel Trépanier For S. Cohen!

Promod model Samuel Trépanier For S. COHEN photographed by Jean-Claude Lussier!

Alwyn Du Preez & Du Toit Botha For U.S. Polo Assn.!

Promod models Alwyn Du Preez & Du Toit Botha For U.S. Polo Assn., photographed by Sharon Nayak!

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